Ylang Ylang

Ylang YlangCommon Name

Perfume tree, Cananga, and Cadmia

Scientific Name

Cananga Odorata

Tamil Name

Ylāṅk ylāṅk, ய்லாங்க் ய்லாங்க்

Ayurvedic Heritage

Ylang-Ylang, is an essential oil derived from the flower of the C. odorata plant. In Ayurvedic tradition, ylang ylang essential oil is believed to have calming, cooling, uplifting and moisturizing tendencies and helps vata imbalances by encouraging self-esteem, calm, relaxation, and sensuality. For those with pitta imbalances, the oil’s calm, cooling tendency can help release anger and unwanted tension. It also soothes, tones, and helps balance the skin while the fragrance relaxes the mind and spirit.

Skincare Benefits

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Ylang Ylang help reduce pore size and diminish acne and blemishes while balancing oil production within the skin. Ylang Ylang oil also stimulates the growth of new cells, releases tight muscles and smooths wrinkles.