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kansa facial massage wand

kansa facial massage wand

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Ranu’s Kansa Wand is a luxurious face tool handcrafted from wood and a bronze alloy to enhance the benefits of the Lotus Revitalizing Youth Oil. This ancient Ayurvedic skincare tool helps massage the Youth Oil into your skin, revitalizing and restoring skin luster, while releasing toxins, reducing stress and relieving muscle tension.


  • Enhances effectiveness of Lotus Revitalizing Youth Oil
  • Helps plump, firm and soften skin, while reducing signs of aging
  • Diminishes stress and tension for a healthier, more glowing appearance
  • Rejuvenates skin and helps restore luster

how to use

The Kansa Wand is used to massage the energy points on your face. First, apply a few drops of our Lotus Rejuvenating Youth Oil to the energy points of your face. Use the wand to massage oil into skin using a firm, circular motion. The healing metal of the wand will enhance the function of our antioxidant-rich oil as you gently massage.

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