Why Did Arthy Start Ranu?

Why Did Arthy Start Ranu?

Personal Values

Arthy Sivabalan was born one year before the civil war in Sri Lanka. She experienced the trauma, upheaval and ugliness of the civil war in her formative years, before moving to Canada as a young child. This early experience instilled in her a great desire to bring healing, peace and beauty to the world around her. This formative experience has driven her to bring forth healing into the world.

Budding Interest in Skincare

As a child, she was taught that high-quality ingredients make you healthy. Arthy’s family would serve her healthy food made from wholesome ingredients derived straight from the source. Growing up, as she observed her family mixing oils based on Ranu traditions, her keen interest in self-care translated into skincare. In following these methods, she witnessed the benefits of these fine ingredients clearing her skin, evening her hyperpigmentation and reducing her discoloration, resulting in healthy, vibrant skin. allowing it to breathe. This interest grew out of her fondness for the recipes that her mother had made to help her battle acne and hair growth in unwanted places.

Dismayed at Canadian Store Shelves

As Arthy matured, she grew dismayed at what she saw on the Canadian store shelves: chemical-laden products with watered-down ingredients and deceptive marketing practices, lacking the rich heritage and superior ingredients to which she had grown accustomed through her ancestral roots. These chemicals included parabens, dyes, toxic chemicals, phthalates, artificial fragrances and other problematic substances.

Respecting Her Body

By the time she was pregnant with her first child, [her desire to protect her child…] she had become obsessed with understanding what she was putting into her body as well. She remembered the healthy groceries that her dad would buy her as a child, and his belief that a whole foods diet is vital to health. She also never forgot her love for creating and finding recipes that would clear skin problems like acne while also healing the body.

Embracing Her Heritage

Arthy visualized bringing the rich, beautiful world of her ancestral home in Sri Lanka, with her family’s powerful and effective formulations, lovingly made over a stove, sourced from local ingredients, into the Western world, for everyone to experience. There was nothing in the Canadian marketplace that quite captured the essence of skincare the way her family’s lovingly-made formulas did.

Creating RANU Beauty

It was this vision that compelled Arthy to create her own skincare product line, one that would marry the family recipes of her culture and traditions with natural, organic and time-tested ingredients and safe, modern processes. Her innovation was to imbue these new products with the wisdom of 400 years of naturopathic Ayurvedic formulations.

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